[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Capital Steez - Hype Beast lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Verse 1: Uno Hype]
I’mma pick up where the storm left me
They just want to do him, but these niggas cant check me
Wasting my time, these hoes keep trynna text me
I been in my own zone how you gonna next me
I been in my own class cord kord chord Capital Steez - Hype Beast lyrics kunci gitar how you gonna test me
Look me in the eyes, you little niggas respect me
This is for all the broads that tried to reject me
As of lately ya boy been feeling stress free
But Im glad the lord up top tried lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Capital Steez - Hype Beast lyrics download mp3 and blessed me
So therefore these critics just gone press me
Never tried to impress me, all these lames is flexing
Realer than all yall its time yall confess it
I kept calling, but they never got the message
Put in a lot of work, fall off, and thats it?
Its only one year, my nigga thats to quick
They said you want next, but couldnt give two shits
Guess I was the one to blame
Its a fucking shame, how a nigga just came
And changed the whole game, something like an animal
I can never be tamed, while Im ripping off these chains
Its the first time I’mma let it out, 93 til the death of me, Im showing what Im about
My minds all still in ink, do I have to spell it out?
That I am delivering dope and these niggas cracked out!

[Verse 2: Capital STEEZ]
They can’t block me out sun
Put me in a box and get outdone
So assuming that I’m arrogant, chords Capital Steez - Hype Beast lyrics lyrics I broke through the half of it
I break down where I got my clout from
The last child
Not the least of the weak ones
Strong minded
I got a green thumb
The fam gotta eat son
And the fans need at least a week’s worth of words
So Kirk keep the beats running
Miles per hour
Working on my genesis
It’s Penny Arcade penmanship
Take a second
You can understand my development
Thought I had drug money with my raw presidents
Far-side zombie spark trees like Marley lost in a safari
Mom try to warn me the lords could foresee
God armed me with a strong army
I heard it’s cold outside
But you can’t migrate till you learn how to fly
Looking at the birds in the sky
Was this world really worth when we die?
Am I too young to question that
Homies told me I should just relax
I can’t stand on top of the world and let the rest collapse
I need help tryna build it BACK!!!

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