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Ahh lovely day…

I never really thought of myself as a complex man
Or as someone who was really that hard to understand
But it would hardly take a genius to realize
That I’ve always been a lot too arrogant and a little too f$%kin’ wise
That was a combination that made folks feel duty bound
To do whatever they could to try and shoot me down
To head off some of the things I might possibly say
And see if they couldn’t take some of my pride away
To bring me disappointment and teach me to fear it
Obviously these are folks that just chords Gil Scott-heron - Don’t Give Up lyrics lyrics didn’t have no spirit
Spirits say

Don’t give up (spirits say don’t give up)
Yes it’s time to stop your fallin’
You’ve been down long enough
Can’t you hear the spirits callin’
Yes it’s the spirits
Can’t you hear iiiiiit
Callin’ your name [x2]
Yeah talkin’ bout spiriiiiiiiiiiits heh

There are people whose lives are so far of the track
That what they like best about life is stabbing’ brothers in the back
And I was obviously too blind and probably too weak
To see who was responsible for my losing streak
The best way to explain it is to say simply because
I was looking around outside and the truth is I was
the one. So I got locked into all of the analysis
And found myself locked into a kind of paralysis
And something was calling and I almost cord kord chord Gil Scott-heron - Don’t Give Up lyrics kunci gitar didn’t hear it
But I spent a lot of time being blessed by the spirits
They keep saying


I didn’t matter if it was a child or and adult
There was absolutely no-one that I could not insult
So that I could isolate myself somewhere off to the side
And continue to juggle all the possible whys
The warmth I wanted to generate so well
Had turned into a frozen hell
And the discouraging injustices I felt
Had pinned me somewhere inside a drug infested cell
Where those who told didn’t know and those who knew didn’t tell
And “I could continue to feel sorry for my self” [echo of “”]
And then I heard


Ain’t no way overnight to turn your life around
And this ain’t the conversation of someone that never falls back down
But no matter how long you’ve been on trial
With the days and weeks of self denial
And no matter how many times you’ve tried to make it
And found out that right then you just couldn’t take it
If you are looking for a looser who found strength and success
Remember the spirit of Brother Malcolm X
And know that you can leave all your mistakes behind
The day that you “really make up lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Gil Scott-heron - Don’t Give Up lyrics download mp3 your mind” [echo of “”]
Come on brother.. come on up
Stand on up and say.


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