[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Young Buck – Lean And Molly Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


My young niggas turnt on the drank and the molly
And they gon’ shoot anybody1
Turnt on the drank and the molly
All my niggas get retarded2
I’ma stay turnt on the drank and the molly3
Booda booda uh4
Booda booda uh
Turnt on the drank and the molly

[Verse 1]
Rolling up and I’m pouring up
Loading up the clip, I keep dropping bullets
Police high, but I’m locking through it
These niggas scared, but I gotta do it5
Niggas jealous, these bitches scheming6
I’m a big fish in this small pond
Pounds of mid and them white bricks7
The only thing to keep the young niggas calm
I just bought another [?] from my partna
Bought a whole [?]
He a robba, he the one robbing y’all8
Take yours and I’m the one he call
Please tell ’em what I’m doing with the Pyrex
I’m still riding ’round in the projects
White cord kord chord Young Buck – Lean And Molly Lyrics kunci gitar tee, blue chucks, no stylin’9
Whole lean, whole zens, I’m wildin’10
I’m laughing to the bank, I’m smiling
Got gas in the tank, I’m riding11
She said sprinkle a little bit in her white double cup
Foreign bitch looking like she on a island
Niggas hungry, stomach big frowling12
Niggas hungry, my homies been prowling13
Its a consequence the niggas got pay
I’m sorry cuz, I can’t allow it


[Verse 2]
I’m chords Young Buck – Lean And Molly Lyrics lyrics like who the man, bitch, I’m moving ten
I got lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Young Buck – Lean And Molly Lyrics download mp3 yo baby mama, nigga, chewing xans14
Hold up, that bitch chewing me up
I’m trapping outta house, now I’m moving in15
I gotta pour it up, nigga, no molly
Bitch, don’t trip, ho, look at your [?]
Call me a trick or whatever you call it
You ever had bricks and know where to haul it16
Turnt, I’m a codeine-holic17
I’ma smoke so much til I got no lung
You niggas ain’t never pulled up with Pimp
You niggas ain’t never smoked one with Bun18
You niggas ain’t never sat down with Jay19
You niggas ain’t never been around Scarface
You ain’t got big
You telling you that you really do rich rolls through LA20
Real street nigga know I don’t play
Let a nigga play me, I’m like no way
I can make the AK do what I say21
I done did it twice, we can do it today
And I keep telling 50, nigga, fuck these niggas
Say we filthy rich they ain’t fucking with us
And I come with the cartel, this time I brought something with us22